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A young Roger

A Young Roger

Roger Paesch and Johnny Gillispie

Roger & Doug onstage at the Intermission

The Intermission Lounge, photo taken shortly after the 60's-70's band era

In the dressing room of the Intermission Lounge

Doug Messenger-- Guitar Player extraordinaire

Roger and Judy Kay

Fred Petty booking agent for Roger (1965)

Dave Farrell and Clem at the Intermission

Sal & Muzzy

Jeanne Roberts at work in Fred Pettys office

Jeanne Letendre-Roberts with Muzzy

Jeanne Roberts

Muzzy & Bob Esposito



Phil Kawa

Everett and the Skeemers

Jack, Muzzy, Bob Enos Al Boudreau, John Paiva

Roger Pace

Snapshot of Roger in his dressing room in the basement of the Intermission

Jackie Joyce with unidentified friend

PaceMakers 1964-65

A young Roger Pace

A young Roger Pace

Roger Pace and the Pace Makers 1964-65

Roger Pace and the Pacemakes 1964-65