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A young Roger

A Young Roger

Roger Paesch and Johnny Gillispie

Roger & Doug onstage at the Intermission

The Intermission Lounge, photo taken shortly after the 60's-70's band era

In the dressing room of the Intermission Lounge

Doug Messenger-- Guitar Player extraordinaire

Roger and Judy Kay

Fred Petty booking agent for Roger (1965)

Dave Farrell and Clem at the Intermission

Sal & Muzzy

Jeanne Roberts at work in Fred Pettys office

Jeanne Letendre-Roberts with Muzzy

Jeanne Roberts

Muzzy & Bob Esposito



Phil Kawa

Everett and the Skeemers

Jack, Muzzy, Bob Enos Al Boudreau, John Paiva

Roger Pace

Snapshot of Roger in his dressing room in the basement of the Intermission

Jackie Joyce with unidentified friend

PaceMakers 1964-65

A young Roger Pace

A young Roger Pace

Roger Pace and the Pace Makers 1964-65

Roger Pace and the Pacemakes 1964-65



  1. Does anybody remember the name of the trombone player in the picture with Dave Farrell. I thought his name was Don possibly last name Molton, very skinny guy

  2. Hi John,

    You may be right, as “Don” sounds vaguely familiar. Doug recalled that the guy Roger dubbed as “Clem” was with the band briefly, maybe two weeks to a month and he was someone that was recruited from Berkelee. And yes he was skinny and a bit taller than average and I think probably about nineteen or early twenties at the time, a quiet and sort of shy guy, like a fish out of water in the Zone. I also think he may have been from out of state, as it seems to me he didn’t have a Boston/New England accent, but I’m not entirely sure about that.

    Sorry, but that’s about all I remember about him. His tenure with Roger was brief and it’s really only by chance he ended up in the pic of Davey, who was well known to us all.


  3. I worked the boston scene as guitarist with everett miles and the screamers from 1964 – 1970. I would enjoy contact with anyone from that time period. The Rogerpace Blog is great. I filled in for Rogers guitarist one night at the intermission. What an experience that was. He made Everett appear laid back.

    • John:The Alfa Romeo engine overhaul done in small room of a rented apt by my brother Billy aka Muzzy.He added factory racing parts & fabricated a new exhaust system,greatly increasing the sportscars performance. He deserved a better fate than he got with the Bike accident. All that talent with music & engineering. Life is an Alfred Hitchcock movie – Nick Mazzocca

  4. It might be of additional interest that the photo of Everett and the Screemers includes
    Billy Mazzocca (Muzzy). Muzzy played with Roger when I played with him the second time around.
    Muzzy took over the William Tottle mouthpiece
    business. Tottle was his uncle. Muzzy’s father
    had the Mazzocca School of Music and word was when Bobby Hackett lost his teeth Mazzocca taught him how to play with out pressure by hanging the trumpet from a coat hanger.

    • little Al-remember you well Muzzy’s brother Nick

        • alfred comi
        • Posted December 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm
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        we should get together online Nick and I could share some insight. I went to see Muzzy after coming up from Ct. after
        coming back from L.A. He had turned hard after the bike accident.

    • mazzocca school of music was gus mazzocca uncle to the muzz- nick mazzocca

    • Mazzocca School of Music was his uncle Gus Mazzocca- a great orchestral trumpet player.

  5. Muzzy & I, with our girl’s were at the Sugar Shack one night to see Billy Stewart. You remember his big hit was “summertime” This had to be about 69-70-71, I can’t remember, but I do remember we were about the only whites in the place. Now how could anyone know that we were musician’s, & most of our hero’s were black musician’s. We had a nice table near the stage, & Billy started to get into it. The table behind us had a couple of black guy,s with their dates, & they “started” F—in whitey, cracker, what the F— are these motherf—er’s doing in here? This went on,& on & Muzzy & I were getting pissed. Finally, in the middle of a Stewart song, Muzzy was boiling & got up out of his chair so fast,it crashed to the floor. Got in this guy’s face.” Hey man, what is all this shit your talkin about, we paid to hear Billy Stewart, not your jive !” Word’s to that effect. The bouncer’s backed off, I sat back down, & the guy’s actually apoligized. Muzzy was a warm & fluffy kind of a guy. I never heard anyone say a bad thing about him. If he got pissed however, you better get to a bomb shelter. He was one of the toughest guy’s I knew. Needless to say, for the rest of the show, Mr. Stewart didn’t seem to happy with us. Sal Siciliano

    • great story- I always remembered you as Steve.The Gods of Mt. Olympus came down hard on Muzzy in his final years. We are survivors of the 60 s 70 s era. Eventually we all go and are forgotten.I have amazing stories also. Muzzy’s brother,Nick Mazzocca

        • John Paiva
        • Posted August 29, 2013 at 12:34 am
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        Nick. Do you remember me? I was guitarist with Everett and the Screamers. You and Muzzi once totally dismantled a small red sports car and eventually rebuilt the motor in your mom’s living room. Got the car running too. I loved Muzzi a lot. You wrote that he passed away. I tried so long to find him. Did you post mare about him. I want to know everything.

  6. Some wonderful photos there….. Keep ém comin.

    • Posted December 20, 2010 at 4:30 pm
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    • Reply

    I was talking to a guy my age about music and I mentioned being 16 or 17 and going in town to watch Roger Pace and the Pacemakers. He almost fell off the chair. He didn’t think anyone else remembered Roger. He was our “white James Brown”. My friends and I followed Roger around to such places as the Bright Spot in Brighton and a place on Columbia Rd in Dorchester. We also talked about Mason Dixon and the Line. It was great remembering the fun times. Glad Roger lived till 2001, we were told he died of a heroin overdose in the late 60’s.

  7. soo many night driving to the combat zone to the intermission-my wonderful brother dennis i followed him everywhere -he was the drummer for the pacemakers denny haddad ward -i have that photo posted of them –
    Dennis went on to be the nomads and played at dicks last resort in carolina for 15 years till his death- many great memories with roger and the band –

    • remembered denny on revere beach(1965-66?) w/green hair as he was with the greenmen @ the time

    • Denny Ward= Great Drummer who could lampoon each of us God bless U Den-maybe see U on the otherside

  8. Clem’s real name was definitely Don, I’ve no idea of his last name. He DID have a southern or midwestern accent, hence nicknamed, by Roger, “Clem”.

  9. I knew Roger when he was lead with the band Touch. They played at the Latin Casino outside Baltimore City in the early 70’s. I met a woman he introduced as his wife, named Georgia. They had an apartment on Putty Hill Rd. I spent many hours listening to them and following the band. The best times were after hours when Roger would play his sax in a tiny place in Essex. We would just sit and listen. Such a talent. Nice to see this here to remember that.

  10. remember giong to pal Joeys In somerville and catching everett all the time what a great musican! he used to do ray charles to the tee also I knew muzzy and jackie joyce 2 great horn player It was nice to see the photos and the reminicsing Smigzees doo-wop…………

    • Joey- Did U work out @ the Somerville Y back in 64-65? Remember the Pal Joeys gang? Larry & Stevey Bastieri, Bobby Covino,Paul Raymond, Davey Noonan,Al Mc Donald- to name a few.

        • Joey
        • Posted August 23, 2015 at 11:55 pm
        • Permalink

        Hey Nicky, I did workout @ the y back in the days I think the last time I seen you was when we left Pal Joeys with Davy Noonan shot up to rt 93 you had your Alfa Romero I believe and I had my 58 Cadillac convertible we went to race 1st race started from a roll say 25 mph I won next start was at 50 mph I won then you wanted to go from 65 top end we went you took a little lead in the top end and then the 4 barrel kicked in I passed you at least 125 130 needle won’t go any further davy Noonan laying on the front seat floor screaming ssslllooowwww doooown! you paid me the $20 bucks! and back to pal Joeys for more drinks and caught Everett and the screamers those days back then not many people would believe……….. Jackie Joyce lived across the street and I would see your brother Muzzy and Jackie all the time driving the Packards up summit ave Is Jackie still alive/ or flash? I know there older brother gene is still kickin he lives in maine with his son well Take Nicky it was nice to reminisce p.s. davy Noonan lives in Brazil And Stevey Basteri has passed a few years ago take care Nicky Joey,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • rogerpace
        • Posted August 24, 2015 at 12:51 am
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        webmasters note:
        Jackie J. is doing well working and residing in Cape Cod MA

  11. I recall a band that regularly came thru Lancaster, PA in the early 60s called “Roger Pace and the Tinkers”…apparently an earlier incarnation of the Pacemakers?

  12. God rest these beautiful bastards. I loved them all, and I will find them when I get there.

    • jackie Joey avenell lived on summit ave Im doing some doowop shows in the area look me up Joey………

    • Hey Jackie- 1962? Bos-LongBeach Ca. R/T U , Muzzy & Bruno Byron in a 1955 Packard Clipper greeted open arms by my uncle Tony (Mazzocca) & his wife Jesse- on Long Beach Blvd Once upon a time in the west My uncle liked U My brother loved U N.M.

  13. Roger, Kenny Marco here, I played gtr. for The Beau Keys, the band you hooked-up with in Montreal Canada before
    going to the Combat Zone & various gigs up & down the East Coast. Can you send me your email address; ……………. how’s King doing? (your valet then)

  14. Great shot of Dave Farrell in the early days on the bass at the Intermission. Dave ended up on the West coast in the Country Rock band Cottonwood and cut the Camaraderie album in ’71. He died in 1992 while still on the West coast.

  15. Anyone who remembers me, please contact me.
    John paiva, guitarist with everett and the screamers, everett and the skeemers, steve colt and the 45s, the riviera family ( from connecticut), tommy and the riverias.

  16. I was Everetts drummer for a couple of years. Muzzi & I became fast friends. Sad, but they’re all gone. Just can’t get outta here alive. Everett, Muzzi, Al & Bobby. The only two left in that picture is John Paiva, who has been living in Germany for some time, and me, Salvatore (Steve) Siciliano. Life couldn’t have been better — we were young men, we were musicians, and it was the 60’s. I had to fill in for Rogers drummer for about a week at the Intermission. Man, what an education I got. But to play behind Roger was like an awakening of your talent. You didn’t realize you could play that good. Roger got it out of you, and it was a high that only other musicians can understand. Muzzi and I were sitting in my car at the bottom of Winter Hill at the White Castle one night, about 2:30 a.m. talking about Roger and listening to a great jazz station on the radio. I asked “What happened to Roger, where is he.” Muzzi said he was pretty sure he had gone back to Baltimore after all the shit he was getting from the Ballaro Brothers. Next thing I know we’re at Muzzi’s house in Somerville to get his sax, then stopped at my house in Newton to get my snare, and we are on our way to Baltimore. We found him, at a club in “The Block” and had a ball just hanging out for a few days. He wanted us to stay, but we had to get back to Boston. To this day I can’t think of why we had to get back, and if Muzzi was still here I’ll bet he couldn’t either. Like I said, we were young men, we were musicians, and it was the 60’s. How so lucky we all are to have such great memories.
    Sal Siciliano

    • Anyone know Tony Mercurio from Everett Ma.? a great drummer like Steve Siciliano -he played with most good bands -he died around 1990 from bone cancer. Tony was a health freak – 100 situps every morning and swallow a paper plate full of herbs & viamins which I believe caused cancer. He left an X and 2 sons. N M

  17. joey- I remember the race up 93 @night – the details you remember are amazing. My brother Muzzy was brought up on Packards & saxophone by my father. You, Stevie Bastieri & Davey Noonan were good people. Brazil is a possibility for me- maybe I will meet Davey in Rio.

  18. I played with Roger back in the mid to late 80’s in a band called the Midnight Flyers. It was a Baltimore based band. I was a college trumpet player that thought he was decent, but I couldn’t play my out of a paper bag looking back on it now. I remember thinking the first time I played with Roger, “Holy crap, this guy can play anything”. He played everything by ear, and had more musical talent in his big toe than more people have in their whole being. He was a great person, and never had a negative comment. He invited me over to his home in Fallston when I first started with the group to go over the music. I learned more about playing in those few hours than I learned all year at school.

  19. Played with Roger at the Intermission and toured with him to Trudi Heller’s in Manhattan, Glen Park Casino in Buffalo, Riviera Club in Troy, NY and on the Cape. Followed the Simone Brothers into the band. Myself, Rich Mayer on bass, Doug D’Agrosa on guitar, Muzzy Muzzocca on sax, Barry Grieka on trumpet, and Johnny Ferris on drums. I know Muzzy and Roger are gone but would love to contact anyone else from the band. I have tried for years to find Doug unsuccessfully as we were very close. Was really tight with Roger and have an unpublished pic of us from NYC club. Worked with The Pacemakers in 1967 and 1968. & nights a week at the Intermission and 2 matinees on Saturday and Sunday. Also played with Dario and the Rainbows, Boston Gas Company, Juri Christie and the Upbeats, Common People, Bobby Ace, Nancy Vale and the Works, and others in the Boston area. Living in Albany, NY area now. Many stories from playing with Roger, the hardest working man in the business and very talented as well.

  20. Does anyone remember Little Glen? He used to sit in whenever he could as another James Brown wannabe. Considering we worked 7 nights a week and 2 matinees at the Intermiss there were plenty of opportunities. I believe he was from Waltham.

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