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This section is dedicated to the musicians who worked around the zone in the 60-70’s and are now passed away:

Little Joe Cook (Dec 29, 1922- April 15, 2014. Joe became famous for his original recording “Peanuts’ featuring his falsetto voice. You can find Joe’s   biography on Wikipedia. he’s one of the few Boston musicians to have a Wikipedia listing.

Golden Joe Baker (Sept 2003 age 67).     Elvis Impersonator

Steve Colt (March 25, 1943-December 07, 2005)

EPPING — Stephen A. LeColst, 62, died suddenly on Dec.7, 2005, at the Rockingham County Nursing Home, Brentwood.

He was born March 25, 1943, in Lynn, Mass., to Stephen A. and Gertrude (Andrews) LeColst. Mr. LeColst grew up in Lynn, Mass., and attended the local school system. Music immediately had an impact in his life, as he was a singer in two music bands, TheDel Mingos and then Steve Colt and the 45’s. He traveled all over the country singing and taking in the culture through the 1960s until 1970.

David Farrell Aug 2, 1949-Aug 12, 1991 in San Diego.  Bass player

Judy Kay  12/17/49 -May 5, 2004. Passed away after a long
career as a vocalist, the last 15 years or so spent performing with
Joey Dee and the Starliters under the stage name of Judy Lee

Dennis LaVita Sr. Jan 3, 2008 age 59.  Guitarist and Vocalist

Dennis Haddad (Denny Ward) Drummer for Roger Pace Dec 26, 1945- June 6, 1994 Saugus, MA

Ralph Martinelli  1935 -Aug 6, 2015 lead guitar player for the Ferrari’s of Canada

Everett Miles (Everett Botelho), Aug 21,1943-Dec 19,2001. Front man and sax player  in Everett and the Screamers.

Bill Mazzocca (Muzzi), 1942(?) – June 23, 2006. Saxaphone player for Roger , Everett & the Screamers and other Boston Bands.

Scimone Brothers Played with Roger Pace in the early months of 1967

Robert  Scimone (Bobby) Guitarist for Boston based bands May 23, 1943-March 22, 1986 Boston, MA. Worked with Roger Pace early 1967

Richard Scimone (Dickie)bass player for Boston based bands (no specific dates found at this time). Worked with Roger Pace early 1967.


This blog was created for the use of all the musicians, dancers, co-workers and fans of Roger Pace.  The originators  of this blog have attempted to be as accurate as possible. However, it should be noted that some information found here may be unverfied and based on individual or hearsay accounts. We invite all interested users to submit any pictures , videos, audio recordings or any media that you feel may contribute the memory of Roger Pace, his bandmembers, the band era of Boston’s Combat Zone, Baltimore, or any location where Roger performed. The webmaster reserves the right to delete any material deemed inappropriate for this blog.



  1. I lived a few doors down from Steve in Lynn when he was singing for the Del Mingos. Tom Walke played sax and Donny O’Leary played drums. They were great.

    • I’m looking for more information about Steve Colt. If anyone knows anything about him or the musicians who played in his band I’d like to hear from you. You can reach me through my website ( or at this address: funky 45 (at) gmail . com

    • Rob Amaral Walpole, MA
    • Posted April 2, 2012 at 10:50 am
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    I did a recording session with Roger Pace roughly around 1981 or so….In Methuen, MA. Fred Lewis (Cars Mgr) organized it.. Roger was an interesting guy and a legend in the circle of musicians around Boston in the late 1960’s and onward.. I also remember the Colt Bros who were also legends.. Jim Keady plays regularly at the Purple Shamrock in Boston (Sundays) and is himself an extra-ordinary musician, guitarist and chromatic harp player of huge talent.

  2. Roger Pace was one of the most gifted musician I have ever heard. I am surely not a expert; just a fan. Roger played the piano, sax and drums and others as I remember him. Bobby B and he would change instruments in the middle of a number. What talent they were! Bobby still playing at Gianni’s on sundays.

    If anyone has any pictures of Roger in his later years, it would be great to see them on this web site.

    Thanks, Joe Zappacosta

  3. Played bass with Roger in 1967 and 1968 after the Simone Brothers. Dou D’Agrosa and Muzzy Muzzocca were in the band. Played in Manhattan at Trudi Heller’s in the Village. Trudi loved Roger. Played the Riviera in Troy, NY, where I met my wife. Played in Buffalo at the Glen Park Casino. Other gigs on the Cape and most often at the Intermission Lounge. Would love to find Doug. Have tried unsuccessfully over the years.

  4. Does anyone remember Little Glen? He used to sit in whenever he could as another James Brown wannabe. Considering we worked 7 nights a week and 2 matinees at the Intermiss there were plenty of opportunities. I believe he was from Waltham.

  5. How about Kenny Paulson? Anyone remember Kenny? I only saw him once when he slipped Bobby Simone something to keep him off the stage and was soon asked to sit in by Roger as Bobby was nodding in the dressing room. He played guitar with his feet sitting on the edge of the bandstand. He was a door man at the Kenmore Hotel when he sat in that time. At the time everyone said he was the best. Including Bobby Simone. He’s gone.

  6. How about Dario? Anybody? I first saw Bobby and Richie playing with Dario and the Rainbows. Everyone had different colored hair. Roger called Dario “bubblegum” because Dario was always chewing a wad of gum when he performed. Always love the rendition of “Heatwave” just before a break with the whole band kicking like Rockettes.

  7. I was working with Dario just before he decided to quit the business and work in a family owned limousine service at Logan Airport. I never heard anything about him again.

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