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Roger Pace (November 24, 1944-May 29, 2001) Birth Name Roger D. Paesch.

Great American entertainer who performed in Boston and Baltimore in 1967 known for his high energy performances of R & B Soul music. In addition to fronting the band, Roger played several instruments including saxophone and drums. He was nicknamed  “Mr Blue Eyed Soul” because of his high energy, fast dancing, and funky performances. His performances were similar to the late James Brown and most recently-Michael Jackson.

Early days Roger resided in the Essex section of Baltimore.  He once told a band member that he performed on stage in a Vaudeville show at the age of 3 years old.  However, this can not be verified because in the 1930’s most vaudeville shows were closed.

Rogers parents were John  and Thelma Paesch. According to Roger’s aunt Patricia, John and Thelma, Roger’s parents loved to dance, especially the jitterbug. But she didn’t know if Thelma’s family were in vaudeville. Apparently the Paesch family was not in the music business.   Roger’s father was a crane operator and his grandfather worked for a whiskey distillery, according to the 1910 and 1930 censuses and also their pre-WWII draft registration cards.

Marriage:  Roger’s marriage is unverified but sources reveal that Roger was married to a woman named Inez and they had one son, Johnathan born about 1987. At a later date, Roger and Shelly (see comments) were married and two children were born.

Final Chapter:

Trudy Morgal fills in a couple blanks on Roger.  He went in the hospital for a biopsy … for what exactly Trudy wasn’t sure … maybe liver.  He was in the hospital overnight and apparently went into cardiac arrest in the middle of the night. He wasn’t in the hospital for a heart problem so he wasn’t on monitoring equipment and he died before anyone knew he was in trouble.  It may have been his body’s reaction to the invasive procedure, or whatever … “just one of those things” as Trudy puts it … and very sad. Trudy echoes what we all have been saying … “Roger was the best.”

Rogers aunt Pat stated Roger’s funeral was crowded with musicians and club people and that Roger was buried with his sax.

Shelly, Rogers girlfriend recalls “Leaping Larry playing his harmonica in honor of Roger’s life.  It was a scene out of a movie….. and I felt as though I was watching it unfold from somewhere up above.  It was surreal to say the least.  I knew a chapter of my life was coming to an end.  My heart was deeply broken and part of me left this earth w/ Roger.”

Let’s hear it for ‘im, ladies and gents, THE Hardest working man in show business, Mr Blue Eyed Soul…..




  1. I played guitar with roger several times in the sixties. I also did many gigs for Fred Petty.

    • Good to hear from you John. I’m sure you have a lot of stories pertaining to that era of the 60’s & 70’s in Boston’s Combat Zone.

    • Shells Sealover
    • Posted September 12, 2009 at 5:14 am
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    Roger’s wife was INEZ, their son JONATHAN. Shortly after their separation, in 1994 our paths crossed…. a hot summer night,
    he sported a boyish shaved head with a little blonde curl sticking out of his backwards baseball cap, his t-shirt strategically cut to show off his tattoos, tie-dyed KeyWest-style pants w/ the pantslegs rolled up, Stars and Stripes high-top tennis shoes…oh and let’s not forget the hoop earrings!! As he made his way up to the stage, his head slightly cocked to one side… there was an aura about him. Belting out “WAAAAA!! I FEEL GOOOOD!!” Roger lit up the room, the crowd went wild…. and my heart skipped beats!! I would give anything to have that moment back…. for I did not know the next few years would be all that we would have together. A few short years, but the most wonderful, yes filled w/ ups and downs… Love and Laughter, Passion and Appreciation of Roger’s most precious gift, the gift of music, he played his beloved soulful horn as only HE could. A journey through time as we shared Love and Life….his memories and stories….. his sweet music lives in my heart and soul forever.
    No longer the “unidentified woman”,
    ALWAYS LOVING YOU, ROGER!! I still cannot listen to another sax player… ~Shelley~ and the Boyz,
    Ezekiel Ethan Sealover-Pace &
    Zachariah Aaron Sealover-Pace
    Rest Peacefully In God’s + Loving Arms,
    Dearest, you are playing for the Angels now.

  2. I subbed for the guitarist one night at the intermission lounge. I was with everett miles and the screames and roger was stuck for a guitarist that night so everett voluntered my services. Man…. what a night that was. This was over 40 years ago and I still remember the experience. After that night everett seemed to me to be a pussy cat after the roger pace antics.

  3. I visited Boston this past June to do a book event with a local TV station. I was being interviewed on a morning news program for writing a story that takes place in the Combat Zone, circa 1969. Later on, I shared a couple of sweet hours visiting an old girl friend from that period, Sam, who carried with her a few old photographs. I believe one of the photos she pulled from her purse was the publicity shot of Roger Pace & the Pacemakers, the very same one featured on this web site. Small world.

    I, too, am now living in Southern California. Perhaps we’ll bump into each other… Small world.


  5. Roger Dale Paesch Sr had another son, his name sake Roger Dale Paesch Jr. born on 5/29/1970 in Baltimore MD. I am dating him and his mother Janet never let his father have a relationship with him or spoke much about his father’s side of the family, if anyone out there is related to him, please contact me. Roger Jr. wants to know you, Jonathan try emailing him again- he didn’t see you tried until yesterday. Thanks!

    • Hi, Thank you for your comment on this Roger Pace blog. I am one of the musicians that once had the pleasure of being onstage with Roger who�was a genius and a major inspiration to many of us. I approved your comment today and I hope that you can make contact with Roger’s family members. Sincerely, Phil Kawa

        • Janice Apple
        • Posted January 28, 2010 at 7:46 pm
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        I have made contact with them and if possible could Roger Jr have your email address? He would love to hear more things about his father. We spoke with Jonathan and the lady named Shelly Sealsover. Roger’s email address is Thanks so much for all of your help. Do you have any old photos of Roger Pace and the musicians he worked with?

  6. thanks to jack king for letting me know about roger.i was the lead singer with the band…the ferrari’s of canada. i sang for ten years in JEROMES in the combat zoon across the street from where roger sang. we became friends in those years. he was magic to watch.i worked really hard in those years, but roger worked seven nights and sat.& sun. jam sesions days. he was some one all entainers looked to. GOD BLESS ROGER…..LOVE …GEORGE MARTINELLI

    • I remember you and your brother Ralph of the Farrari’s well. Are you still singing?
      Phil Kawa

    • George do you ever recall playing at Jeromes when the horn section led by Roger would dance up the street playing the riff from the Red Rose Tea commercial with the chimps? I was with him when we first got the idea and when we got to the door at Jeromes they barred our entrance. Stiffs.
      The first couple of times when we left the stage playing we’d circle the club and when we got by the bar Joe B. would have a set of shots waiting for us…SLAM…then back to the stage.

    • the ferrari,s of canada. would that be the former sun company of canada, a very talented group led by a very pretty blonde girl and an extremly talented short fellow. i saw them perform many times in jeromes, also at kings row over at fenway park in the mid 60s

  7. Our horn section marched out of the Downtown onto Washington St, into the Intermission (stilol playing) and onto the stage where we sat in with the band there. Then their horn section came back with us to the Downtown and sat in with us. Cool having 8 horns.

    • What band were you with?

  8. So much time has passed and I still remember.

    • Roger D. Paesch, Jr.
    • Posted October 25, 2010 at 10:51 pm
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    My name is Roger Dale Paesch Jr. and Roger Pace is my father also. Shortly after I was born I moved to Puerto Rico with my Grandmother but when I moved back here I met my father and was with him from 1985-1987. If there is anyone out there who is related to my father or anyone who was close to him I would like to talk to you. You can contact me at my e-mail address

    • I met your father thru Curtis Wagner and his dead flowers cd. I played lead , curtis wrote the songs and your dad really made them come alive with his sax. frank starchek of toyz recording produced. I also sang with pete veccioni down boobby burgers place. Both were personal friends of rogers. Shelley is also a friend of mine. take care, Charlie Kutlik

        • Bill McSwain
        • Posted December 6, 2011 at 3:01 am
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        I Didn’t know any of Roger’s family. I worked with him in 1964, and he was single. Had a lot of girl friends. I only worked with him about 4 months.

        • Shells
        • Posted June 25, 2013 at 3:22 am
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        Hi Charlie!!!! 🙂

  9. Anyone know how to contact any of his old band mates, Arnie Barrie, Jimmy Gregory, Jimmy Cady, or Denny Ward from the 65-66 band? If so can you contact me thanks Kim

  10. Hello all – Roger Pace recorded one single on Twirl Records around 1965. He signed contract with the late Irving Micahnik (who was Del Shannon’s manager and later Chubby Checker’s manager). I am doing a chapter on Roger Pace for a book. If anyone wants to share a story or some photos of Roger Pace, please contact me at – Thanks!

  11. I worked with Roger in 1964, after he played a week in The Bowery. In the fall, i got a call from his manager wanting me to play guitar for the band since the other guitar player was leaving. I was living in Charlotte, NC, so I flew to Baltimore the next day to meet up with the band. It was only four pieces. Roger, Mickey on drums, don’t remember the bass players name, but he was a left handed player. After we practiced for a week, we hit the road, and that was the tightest band I had ever worked with. We recorded “The Minute My Back was Turned”, in 1964 in the RCA Studios in New York, but they wanted to push, “Hey, Hey, My Babies Gone”. I didn’t like that song. I thought the B side was the best. We worked about 5 months together, and broke up after playing the Intermission Lounge for 2 months. Roger was getting pretty strung out on some things, and we could not get him to cool down. We were supposed to go to Virginia Beach the following week, but Roger was no where to be found, so the other three of us left the area, and I had not heard from him since. But he was a great entertainer, and an excellent alto saxophone player, and a great singer. He should have made it big time, but at that time he became undependable. But, I;ll never forget that part of my life with the band. We were great friends, and I;m sad that he’s passed away. Thanks Roger for all the good times and memories we shared. Bill McSwain.

  12. The bass players name was Jimmy “Gums” Gregory

  13. I was with a band called Danny O’Day and the Day Trippers way back there, and we backed Roger during our three week trip to the Combat Zone. What a front man, musician he was. What a time. Anybody know if Danny O’Day is still kicking?


  14. Roger Pace was one of the most gifted musician I have ever heard. I am surely not an expert; just a fan. Roger played the piano, sax and drums and others as I remember him. Bobby Burger and he would change instruments in the middle of a number. What talent they were! Bobby still playing at Gianni’s on Sundays.

    As I remembered two girls at Friday Night Swing (Towson, Md) took so hear and Swing Dance where Bobby Burger and this guy Roger Pace played the most wonderful 50-60’s music. Later Bobby got a Gig on the East Side, Middle River area and played on Saturday nights and Sundays. When I first saw Roger it was a little unnerving as he was bald or maybe a Mohawk with tattoos and earrings. Not something I wanted to look at but when he played and sung I became a big fan.

    If anyone has any pictures of Roger in his later years, it would be great to see them on this web site. Joe Z

  15. Roger had a son named after him when he was married to Janet, they named him Roger Dale Paesch Jr and he was born in Baltimore, Md May 29,1970.

  16. I played with Roger back in the mid to late 80’s. He was a great guy, and a great Sax player. Whenever he would go up front to sing, he would steal the show. He taught me a lot, and I hope he knew that. RIP Roger, TRUE musicians like you will be sorely missed!!

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